Sunday, September 4, 2016

October Glory is going to Canada

This painting was featured in a tree nursery magazine that circulates across the United States and Canada to tree growers. One of the Canadian tree growers purchased it!. I take that as a high compliment from a large tree growing company.  

The scene is from my home looking south.  The October Glory trees were grown originally here in the northwest by a local tree nursery and planted in our yard several years ago.  The colors used in this painting are the actual colors of those trees at sunset one evening in October.  It is wondrous to me how colorful our lives are when we take the time to look up and see what is right in our own backyards.  Lucky me.  

"October Glory"  40" x 30" acrylic on gallery wrap canvas

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Two paintings go to new homes

Serenity Rose Garden - 40x30 Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

Kitchen Bouquet - 12x12 Acrylic on gallery wrap canvas

Thank you to the buyers of these two paintings.  Sales are always appreciated :)

More paintings can currently be viewed at:

 Gorge Capital
1510 NE Village Street
Fairview Oregon 97024

Two new paintings juried into the the Gresham Visual Arts Gallery 2016 show

Tail Feathers

Columbia River Gorge - Corbett Hill Road

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Corbett Hill Road - Through the Seasons

I have a favorite road in Corbett that I consider "my spot".  I live high on the bluff of the Columbia River Gorge.  Mornings, as I descend from the bluffs, the road makes twists and turns to navigate from the forested bluffs to the base of the Gorge where the Columbia river flows towards the sea.  As I turn the last curve in the descent I see "my spot".  Every morning I look forward to the shadows, the colors, the foliage, the sunlight.  Every morning it is different and BEAUTIFUL.  No matter the season, no matter the time of day the beauty makes me pause.

I've painted this view many times.  These are my latest paintings.  Let me tell you about them.

 The painting above was my first plen aire painting of this curve in the road.  It is a morning light painting with the sun shining from the right (east).  Two roads merge here.  One country lane merges high on the right and swoops down to connect with the road curving up from the river and continuing west up the bluff to the next switchback.  I feel good about this painting.  It is a lovely painting yet I wanted to try again and capture more of the feeling of this spot.  So I painted it again.

This version captures the moody feel.  I like both paintings.  Hope you do too.

Just for fun here are some other versions of Corbett Hill Road paintings in acrylic at different seasons of the year.
 Corbett Hill in Autumn

 Corbett Hill in Autumn

Corbett Hill in Winter

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Cherries and a Plum

 The northwest fruit season is only 5 months away. I'm already dreaming of the delicious bounty. Companion paintings. 5x7 mixed media.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Fragrance Rare

Copyright Glennda Short Field
 Garden Girl - acrylic on Canvas                              SOLD

Summer days, big hats, beautiful flowers are all things that make little girls hearts happy.  Bringing a freshly picked flower to your mom so she can enjoy this beautiful creation with you is part of the need.  Beauty so often needs to be shared.  My mom wrote a poem once upon a time.  Is goes like this-

I've seen through the eyes of my daughter
The beauties she wanted to share
So I held a rose from my garden
And enjoyed a fragrance rare.
I've beheld the majestic beauty
Of lofty mountains high
I've felt the sudden cooling spray of
Mountain streams rushing by.
I've felt the sudden nearness of God
When I kneel to pray.   

                           Martha June Short

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Merry Christmas

One of my favorite painting
Watercolor on Arches 140 Cold Press Paper
Prints available

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Gresham Visual Art Gallery

I delivered four paintings to the Gresham Visual Art Gallery in Gresham today.    They will be part of the show:

 "Oregon Through My Eyes" 

            Exhibit Dates: December 8th, 2015 - February 4th, 2016
               Exhibit Hours: Mon – Fri, 8:00 am – 5:00pm, Closed Holidays

           Reception: Tuesday, December 8th 2015,   5:30 – 7:00 pm

Mt. Hood from Bluff Road

Cannon Beach

Historic Columbia River Highway

October Glory

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Paint it Bold - With Glennda Field

Paint it Bold – With Glennda Field
September 12 – September 13, 2015               
 10 am – 4pm


Learn to paint boldly with vivid luscious color.  Develop good composition and strong values.  

Glennda will demonstrate both days.  There will be time to paint your passion or you can follow along with Glennda to practice all the tips and techniques she will show you as she develops her painting. Learn basic color mixing including luscious greens, glowing whites and rich blacks.  There will be time to ask questions so you can take your art to the next level. 

Location:        Valley Art Association –Art Gallery
                          2022 Main Street, Forest Grove, OR  97116

Cost:                $130 for both days/ $65 deposit to reserve a place and to receive the supply list

 To register mail check to:    Glennda Field 
                                                     PO Box 244
                                                     Corbett, OR 97019
Please include your name and email address with your registration fee.  A confirmation and supply list will be sent to you by email. 

Questions?  Contact Glennda at

This workshop is designed to help students at every skill level, to master techniques, work on design and color. Learn to paint boldly in a fun and casual setting. 

Go to to see more of Glennda’s paintings.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Cherries, Cherries, Cherries

July is cherry season in the northwest and nothing is better tasting than Rainier cherries.  So to the studio I go to paint the inspiration for today.  You guessed it, CHERRIES!

@ copyright Glennda Field

I'm teaching a watercolor workshop tomorrow for Clark College in Vancouver, Washington and this cherry painting will be my demonstration for the day:

Step One:  Misket the areas you want to keep white.  The highlight on the right leaf, the highlight on the cherries and a few of the stems that would get direct sunlight.

Step two:   Put some warm Cadium yellow as an under painting  on the cherries.  This will help create the glow.

Step three:  Begin painting the leaves with sap green mixed with Yellow Ochre to create a warm, earthy green.  You may want to drop in some Manganese Blue, Ultramarine Blue and a little Alizarin Crimson for depth.

Step four:  Glaze a mixture of Sap Green and Yellow Ochre/ Cadium Yellow to add another dimension to the leaves and to darken the value in a few places.

@copyright Glennda Field

 Step five:  Rainier Cherries use 3 to 4 colors of red, Cadium Red, Alizarin Crimson, Rose Madder Genuine, Vermilion plus Cadium Yellow.  Remember to leave the highlight on the cherries where the sun hits them directly. 

@ copyright Glennda Field

Step six:  Put a 5 x 7 frame around you piece to see how it looks as a painting.  This will help you see if some of the values need to be checked and to see if any more needs to be done to bring you paintng up to your standards and your vision for the piece.

I added the hint of a 6th cherry on the lower right, splattered some Cadium Red over the leaves and jucied up a couple of the cherries by adding water and then dropping in some of the reds.
@copyright Glennda Field

Using a 4 1/2 x 9 1/2 mat with a black liner this is one finished option. 

@copyright Glennda Field

Using a 5 x 7 white mat with a white liner, here is another finished piece.

Some addition cherry paintings:

@copyright Glennda Field

@copyright Glennda Field

@copyright Glennda Field